Going All the Way: Sex & Money
90 Day Virtual Program

What would your life be like if you had all the sex and money you wanted?

Do you know that your patterns around sex and money are related?

The two biggest taboos...
and two biggest sources of transformation.


For most people, sex and money are the two most taboo topics out there–they’re never talked about (at least in polite conversation) and yet we’re just “expected to know” how to manage our sexual and financial lives with little to no instruction.

Very few of us got good education about our bodies, sexual pleasure, healthy relationships, boundaries, and how to ask for what we want. Similarly, very few of us got good instruction about how to manage our financial lives and how to feel in control of money, as opposed to controlled by it. The cultural story keeps us in ignorance and disempowerment.

Are you ready to get to the bottom of what blocks you from having more of both?

Take a moment and think about your life, and what it would be like if you had all the money and sexual fulfillment you can imagine:

What would your job be?
What relationship would you be in?
What would your family life be like?
How would you spend your time differently?

I know… you daydream about these things and then snap into the “real world”, where having all the sex and all the money you could possibly want “just isn’t possible“.

Perhaps you’ve heard some of these messages before?

"Untitled" (2002), Kiki Smith

“Untitled” (2002), Kiki Smith

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.
  • Everyone has to settle for SOME things: don’t be so greedy/selfish/egotistical/demanding/unrealistic with your expectations of money and work. EVERYONE struggles.
Making money is really hard work. If it isn’t, that person’s a crook.
  • People who get rich change and become worse versions of themselves. Money brings out the worst in people.
  • If you really love what you do, you should do it for free.


Or perhaps you’re familiar with these:

  • Sex is dirty, so save it for the one you love
  • Sexual pleasure isn’t really that important — don’t be selfish in relationships
  • A fun sexual life is a luxury for people who have time/money/the perfect partner
  • Don’t be too bold or people will think you’re “asking for it”


And then you start seeing proof of that around you, like people who say that to be successful in business takes so much energy and time, it’ll keep you from relationships/family (and by extension sex). Or people who generally have settled for relationships and a work life that leaves them dissatisfied, but they say they’re used to it and what do you expect, really… it’s not possible to have it all.

It’s time to go all the way.


Just like sex, making money requires certain skills. Most of us are never taught how to talk about sex, how to manage money… and that leaves us in shame, stuck in dissatisfaction. That shame of not knowing can be very paralyzing, but once you decide to change your life and commit to acquiring the knowledge you need, you can make profound changes in your life very quickly. Let me repeat:

You can learn the skills you need to change this part of your life. The tools exist.

Who am I to know?

Amy_Jo-102_smallHi, I’m Amy Jo Goddard, and I love helping people connect more deeply to their sexuality. I know firsthand that when we connect the dots around money and sexuality, a much more fulfilling life awaits.

I used to feel totally in the dark about sex. Like many teens, I went through a lot of difficult and regrettable experiences with sex and sexuality. I felt totally isolated and alone with all of it with no one I could talk to—not my girlfriends, certainly not my father or my mother or any other adult who could help me.

It wasn’t until I went to college and took a human sexuality class that my world opened up. I felt upset that I had to wait so long to get this very important information. I finally had permission to explore my own sexuality! I got my Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from NYU and have had a rich, diverse career in the sexuality field, and I’ve literally helped thousands of people with their sexual lives.

Confronting my issues with money was the next step. After years of wanting to push forward and build an entrepreneurial sex coaching business that would allow me to help more people, I finally committed to my dream and made it happen. I now run a successful six-figure sex coaching business with a team that’s committed to helping our clients enjoy more pleasure, better sex, and deeper intimacy. I totally transformed my life, leaving New York City (my home of 19 years) and finding my dream home in Napa, California, where I’ve created a beautiful life that allows me to do the work I love. And, I now make significantly more money than ever before.

Any entrepreneur can tell you that the journey to six figures is not easy. I’ve been able to use my skills as an experienced sexuality educator and coach to flesh out the connections between sex and money, and that has catapulted my business to new levels.

I’ve also seen the effects of the money-sex connection for many years with my clients.

I remember coaching a male client who started to have a lot of trouble with money and right after that he called me because he started having trouble getting erections for the first time in his life. I sometimes hear from women when they are in survival mode and not making the money they need to make, how they stop wanting to be intimate, they lose their desire and sometimes, they shut down. Not having money can make us feel small. It impacts our libido and the way we show up in our relationships.

GirlFlowersI’ve also seen what happens when people start to open up their sexual energy and how that can make a huge difference in their finances.

Last year, I watched as one of my private clients came into her sexual power in a new way.

A survivor of intense sexual violence, she came to me after years of therapy and later said: 

“I spent 25 years in psychotherapy… paying someone every week to agree with how broken I was. I can’t regret that time that I spent in therapy, because it prepared me to do this work with you. But I’ve gotten amazing tools and assignments from you, the feedback, wherewithal and encouragement that allowed me to transform my life.”


In the time that we worked together, this client found a new joyousness in her body and her sexuality. She achieved the ability to orgasm, she created the relationships that she truly wanted to be in. And, her annual net income increased by 25% … without her making ANY changes to her business structure or marketing. 

Money and sex are incredibly intertwined, but because these topics are both so taboo, we rarely get the chance to speak openly about them — much less get the resources we need to change what’s keeping us stuck.



That’s why I’ve created the:

Going All the Way:
Sex & Money
90 Day Virtual Program


This powerful curriculum will change your money mindset and all that holds you back in your sexual and intimate relationships. This 90-day program is designed to help you have the breakthroughs you need around sex and money.

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In the Going All the Way: Sex & Money 90-Day Virtual Program, you will...

~ Explore the ways in which money, sex and relationships are related, and what blocks you so you can have what you wanted in all three
~ Figure out where you stop so you can begin to push through your blocks 
~ Identify the subconscious patterns that have kept you dissatisfied and deprived
~ Find your magnificent obsession and take steps to create it in your life
~ Explore 5 ways to build sexual confidence that lead to more financial power and freedom
~ Discover how your blockages around sex and relationships keep you from having the money you want
~ Learn the 4 Questions to ask yourself so you can make powerful decisions about any opportunity or situation 
~ Unpack your "Money Story" so you can begin to make the money you want and stop getting in your own way 
~ Apply natural laws to have the sex and money you desire

You will walk away feeling more embodied, with more possibilities to create a life of conscious freedom.

Here's how it works:
With bi-weekly training calls delivered directly to your inbox, you'll get a regular dose of these game-changing teachings for the next 90 days! 

So, are you ready to go all the way?

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What People Are Saying

"This course has inspired me to take responsibility, leaving no room in my life to WomanPoppies
become a victim. These tools have already led me to the heart of the matter in my relationship to sex and money. I'm finding that gratitude is the key to unleashing the compassion in my heart, and as a result I am more loving with myself, allowing for much easier self-inquiry--stripped of self-judgment.

The gift that is unfolding through this program is the clarity to know what I really want, and to own it. After just the first two classes, I am already navigating my relationships more successfully, and with more courage and compassion than I thought was possible."
- Lori, Going All the Way: Sex & Money 90-Day Coaching Program participant

womanbeach"I feel as though my perspective has shifted and expanded in the most amazing ways. I am more confident in all areas of my life, some are visible on a more subtle level and some are more apparent. The workshop helped solidify in my consciousness that when you are not confident in your own abilities and talents, you are giving away your power. When I sat with that realization I decreed that I would no longer allow myself to give away what is rightfully mine. 

My job situation has greatly improved due to this work. I had been operating from a fear-based mentality and my mind was running the story over and over that I was going to be trapped in this unsatisfactory work environment forever. I have since found the confidence in myself and my talents to believe I am worthy of a better environment, where I am surrounded by people who respect me and honor my work."

- Andi, Going All the Way: Sex & Money Intensive participant
“Amy Jo is on to something. She has wonderfully integrated her work in personal development with her work as a Sexual Empowerment Coach and made the connection to our personal relationships to finances and money -- and independence -- as adults. I took the plunge and dove into one of her courses.  Finally, I let down my guard to challenge and move out of the places I where felt stuck. Amy Jo supported me with strength, insight and compassion...If you feel the need, and are "stuck," and want to heal or grow, I highly recommend giving Amy Jo a call!”
- Paul, Going All the Way: Sex & Money 90 Day Program participant
"I think the work in Going All the Way for me has much to do with integrity. Certainly it has to do with taking responsibility for my life. For my actions and reactions...for the ways I colluded with not getting what I wanted or needed in my relationships...for, sticking my head in the sand rather than realizing where my money is going and how much I react to events and things that make me spend mindlessly rather than sitting down, getting serious, looking at the bigger picture and saying WHERE do I want to be spending...or, maybe I could cut way back and save. What a concept!
Or, maybe what impacted the most for me in the class was the idea of desire. Having the desire is half of what needs to happen to get something in our lives. How often do I rush through my life without taking space and time to think about what do I desire? Where am I spending my energy and is it on the things I want more of in my life?"
- Julie, Going All the Way: Sex & Money Intensive participant
I have been wanting to thank you for all the powers of manifestation that I’ve activated in my life since the Going All The Way course. I loved the class and the tools you shared with us. Especially helpful was the assignment Amy Jo gave me before I even signed up: to list 50 ways I could bring money into my life. Using that list, I’ve manifested 4 new income streams into my life (and counting…), all of which earn me more per hour than my old day job and are more fulfilling to my soul. My sex life has taken off like a Fourth of July fireworks display full of outrageous flirtation, deep giving, abundant receiving, sweetly open hearts and adventurous new experiences. I feel more deeply in touch with my authentic power than I have in a long time.  

When I was deciding whether or not to sign up for the teleclass I wondered if you’d really have anything new to say that I hadn’t heard before from other books and teachers. I took the chance anyway and I’m so glad I did! The deep attitudinal shifts that I learned in this course are serving me so well. I return to the MP3s of the calls when I need reinforcement and they are always very reassuring and motivational. The wisdom that you shared about how successful people make decisions quickly and seldom change them is also creating some deep shifts in my habits as I move forward.” 
- Murphy, Going All the Way: Sex & Money 90 Day Program participant

Sex and money breakthroughs await!



About Amy Jo Goddard

Amy Jo Goddard, M.A. is a Sexual Empowerment Coach who loves to help people connect the dots around sexuality and money. With 20 years of experience in the sexuality field, she works virtually with clients all over the world and facilitiates a unique 9-month Women's Sexual Empowerment Program where women have opportunities to deeply explore, heal and celebrate their sexuality and desire. Amy Jo travels as a speaker and teaches classes that help people connect to their sexuality, make more money and enjoy greater pleasure and abundance in their lives. She is the author of Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake Up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence and co-author of Lesbian Sex Secrets for Men. She writes about practical, real-world sexuality at AmyJoGoddard.com.

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